Mental health – energy medicine ( Natural care )

A long ago, there was a time when mental health sickness or depression-like sufferings didn’t exist. People’s vibrations and energies were so strongly positive that it would destroy any negative energy all around. But at this time, positivity has become a little weak, as most of the people are not absorbing or creating it in surroundings. The most affected part of this destructive environment is our sensitive mind, which is now exhausted. It is not capable enough to fight that intensity of negativity. But the good news is that our damaged mind and soul could be healed again.

The energy medicine
Our energies which we create through our thinking makes a huge difference in life. Cleanse your aura, which is affected by the damaging vibrations all around. So, now the question is that How can we do that? Self-love and acceptance is the key to remedy for all trauma you are going through. Start loving yourself and absorb the positivity. Nature will also start blessing you. Emit out all the fears, shame, hesitation, overthinking, and guilt. Be free from your mind trap. It’s the right time to explode with the intense energy of love. Energy medicine can do wonder, not only to heal yourself. It will also heal the people around you. As you change the pattern of thoughts from the negative chain to the positive one. The soul will start acting like a highly vibrating magnet, which attracts all the prosperity in life.

Lead yourself to the path of divine guidance. In the morning, not just wake up as it is a task to do. Wake up to experience something new that day. Enjoy the fresh rejuvenating air in the morning. Inhale all the positivity and exhale the negativity out. Recharge your soul and mind with happy morning vibes. Feel the energy of the sun to boost up the day. Detach from the past by turning to the next page and write a new chapter to add meaning to your life.

A pious smile from the innocent heart, can make the world alive

Written by: SANDHYA

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13 thoughts on “Mental health – energy medicine(Natural care)”

  1. Dinesh thukral

    Very well written. Not only your physical health but your mental health is equally very important.

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